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REICO BUILDING INCORPORATED is our solution to meet the varied demands of the home owner. We utilize a network of excellent repairman, handyman and the like.


Siding Repairs

Drywall and Paint Repairs

Air Conditioning Repairs

Electrical Repairs

As the broker /contractor we have estimated hundreds of roof replacements and general repairs over the course of 30 years of property management and construction. We know how to make the most cost effective repairs and know when it is time to replace. We can prepare your property for sale or for rent. Through the years we have done hundreds of sales for investor owned properties including getting the home ready for marketing. There is a big difference in what is needed when you ready a home for sale versus a rental. This is true of all these types of repairs. Roofs, drywall, paint, siding.

Being proactive on maintenance helps save money so as to catch little problems before they become big expensive problems.  

Reico Building Inc.