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Maintenance - Some Specifics

We can handle any aspect of management, maintenance or sale that you need. We have contractors  available to do repairs in all fields, they are all licensed, and insured, and are true experts in their field. They are stable and dependable. In most cases, I have worked along side them on occasion, and know them to be honest, highly competent and fair and reasonable in their fees. We also welcome working with any contractors you may already prefer to use for any repairs.

We can replace siding when needed, typically it will be gable siding of T-111 plywood , or a masonite product. Those are both very high maintenance materials, and need to be kept well painted and caulked, or they will deteriorate rapidly. It is cost effective to replace a couple of sheets and match and we can often add a trim board along the bottom to cover rotted areas without having to replace. If more major work is needed, we would recommend normally going to a hardier product, which is a cement board material. This is very durable, water proof, material, that will last a lifetime, and is easy to work with. Another option when it comes to soffit and fascia is to wrap it with vinyl or metal. This allows us to cover the old soffit and fascia and leave it in place, which can be quick and less destructive.

Drywall and paint repairs are essential as part of getting the property ready for rent. Homes rent best that show well, and usually to better quality tenants than those that have a lot of deferred maintenance.

In most cases, I will use an off white interior paint, typically a satin finish that can be used  on the walls, and trim. This expedites painting, and makes touch up easier when the tenant leaves, cutting down on longterm expense. Keeping the exterior walls properly sealed with paint will cut down on water intrusion from wind driven rains which can lead to extensive interior damage as well.

With air conditioning it is essential that the filter be kept clean and changed frequently in the air handler.  A dirty coil and condensate line can cause a water leak at the air handler which can cause extensive damage to the walls, and flooring. A clean filter goes a long way to preventing these problems. A dirty coil can also lead to mold and mildew problems inside which can be expensive to repair, and can cause respiratory problems in a sensitive  person. Having work experience and technical training in air conditioning allows us to carefully scrutinize repair work and costs, saving our clients money.

Electrical repairs should only be done by a qualified electrician, never a handyman! I have over 1100 hours of classroom training in this field, but I am not an electrician. This training makes me very aware of electrical hazards, and we are quick to respond to any problem of this kind. Homes built through the 50's were typically built without a ground wire. However, a grounded circuit is really only for equipment protection, and does not offer much protection to people. Installing GFCI circuit breakers or outlets, particularly in the bath and kitchen areas is often a practical and economical upgrade that makes good sense.

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